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We know how important it is to you to get a good price when selling your used car in Texas. That’s one reason why we will buy your old car for cash! Most of us come from the real world where each penny counts. We know that pennies don’t buy cars. Your used car is worth money, so is your time. We value the care that you have put into your vehicle, and we will make sure you are well taken care of when selling your car quickly.

 Call Sell My Car TX at (281) 601-4574, and our dedicated and professional car buying staff will walk you through the process. We will handle the title transfer, negotiate a fair price, and commit to a time to pick up your old car and hand over the cash.

Top Signs to Cash In Your Used Car In Texas

Sell My Car Texas


Your car needs constant repairs. Engine problems, brakes, radiator, or time belts sound familiar? The car maintenance list goes on and on. Shelving out cash for an old used car that will continue to break down is not worth all of the financial burdens.


You have had your old car for how many years? Long enough for the colors to change? The old car has taken you everywhere but maybe both you and the car need a new start.

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You have been late way too many times because of your clunker. Whether it is a date, an interview or your job, it is important for you to be on time. 
‌But that cannot be guaranteed if your car is on its last wheel. Do you deserve to be put at risk of missing out on an important appointment or a good job opportunity?

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You no longer drive in peace. What is going to break down next? Did the mechanic replace the old transmission with a good one? How long will these brake pads last? The last thing you need is constant worry while on the road. Your old car has seen its days and is ready to check out. No need in worrying about whether you will make it from point A to point B, or hoping that the car chooses to break down by a bus stop so that you can get home safely.

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The rising car maintenance and repair costs in Texas are affecting your finances. If you have had to take out a loan or take money for your other bills to pay towards your car, then it is time to let go or sell the car for cash. Is it worth the risk of your credit to constantly put your finances on the line? If you sell your car, that will give you extra cash.

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You are tired of the unpleasant surprises and would rather remember your car in its better running years. ‌
‌You have shelved out money to fix that pesky engine problem and the old car is running smoothly for months and then another huge problem arises and you’re stranded in Dallas or Austin this time 
‌it’s more costly than the previous problems. It is a headache when you pay more than what the car is worth.


We buy cars all over Texas. Anywhere from Corpus Christi or San Benito, TX up to Amarillo and every drivable place between.‌


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Sell My Car TX removes your vehicle quickly right from your home or business. You just need to give us a call, a time and a place.

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